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I have four years of teaching experience during which I taught and developed several undergraduate courses incorporating techniques to make economic courses more conscious of inequalities across gender, class, and race. I focus on empirical evidence-based teaching. 

Teaching Philosophy

I believe  teaching is a triad of learning, instruction, and mentorship. I strive to develop courses that add value to the learning of every student in the classroom and foster an inclusive teaching environment by designing courses catering to a diverse group of students.

Teaching Experience

Teaching, Instructor of Record, Department of Economics, University of Utah

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory - Summer 2022

Mathematics for Economics - Spring 2022

Labor Economics - Fall 2021

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory - Summer 2021

Principles of Microeconomics - Spring 2021

Principles of Microeconomics - Summer 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Utah                  

Probability and Statistical Inference for Economics - Spring 2020

Principles of Econometrics - Fall 2019

Econometrics for Business Economics & Analytics - Fall 2019

Principles of Microeconomics - Fall 2018  

Teaching Evaluations

"We used a variety of different tools. We heard a podcast about happiness and economics from a professor at yale. We had a guest lecture via zoom one week. We analyzed data from gov websites. We had one assignment that was to be completed in a group and presented in front of the class. We used data to plot graphs. Every week we had assigned readings from the textbook. Additionally, we occasionally read peer-reviewed papers. We had a quiz and an assignment almost every week."

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